Mythology as a Gateway to Ancient Wisdom and Natural Intelligence

by | May 18, 2023 | complex adaptive systems

Understanding complex adaptive systems is not an easy exercise. It is difficult to explain and even harder to understand using only linear mind logic because complex adaptive systems are nonlinear.

However, understanding natural intelligence is the only way to understand the root causes of all the interconnected crises in the world, but most people that have methods to address these issues are using linear frameworks or ideas, both to define the problem and find solutions. By definition, these ideas are flawed and suboptimal, but unfortunately they are the basis for most of the new accounting and other standards that are evolving and most new government regulations in the sustainability area around the world. Understanding natural intelligence means better understanding nonlinear complex adaptive systems. Understanding existing laws of physics is helpful, especially as we migrate from a Newtonian mechanistic worldview to a Quantum worldview. We start to realize how truly weird science really is. I am personally relieved as it is far less boring and left brained than most people realize. How can something be a particle and wave at the same time? Linear, reductionist rational logic only gets you so far.

My personal connection the weird aspect of science is when I am dreaming. When I am dreaming, I am a combination of Merlin, a Raven bird woman, Indiana Jones and Dan Brown all wrapped up into one. Mythologies weave their way into my subconscious through all sorts of twists and turns in my dreams. Though I graduated with high honors all my life and tutored math as a kid, my best ideas do not come from a linear, rational space. So there you go. I am very analytical in a cosmic web kind of way. My intelligence is spherical. I am not alone. We have a society that judges the intuitive or things they do not understand. Scientists may dream just like I do or have other equally interesting abilities, but feel they cannot share these truths except in certain circles. Fortunately, the land of the weird or fringe in science and mathematics is starting to change. I would argue that the more rational you are in your scientific, technical or mathematical pursuits the less likely you are to ever have a real breakthrough. How do we get in touch with our inner mystic, cosmologist or mythologist? For me, mythology is my North Star for understanding Ancient Wisdom. It is the first place I start. You can understand far more about any society by studying their myths than you can by studying their history.

I have one really wonderful way for you to get started on this journey. Listen to everything you can find on Joshua Michael Schrei. Listen to his beautiful podcasts. Listen to him before you read too much on complex adaptive systems. If you dust off the right hand portion of your brain neurons, your ability to make sense of new advanced science and technology (like complex systems, chaos theory, quantum physics, nonlinear mathematics, genetics, artificial intelligence…) will be much higher. You will not have to rely on a handful of experts anymore. You will start to become your own expert and so does everyone around you if they take this path. This is how we start to tackle the impossible from the bottom up. This is how we learn how to safely use all the new machine learning technologies, genetic engineering, and new energy technologies without turning our society into a dystopian Orwellian nightmare. This is that path that enables us to walk in beauty toward our future. To have balanced emotional and advanced cognitive abilities demands some sort of path similar to this. Connect to the awe in our world first. It will help with your ability to stand in your truth and think critically.

Here is one of his podcasts that I find relevant to understanding some key issues in our world, complex systems, and, in particular, the soul of the world that needs rescuing from western notions of psychology. An integrated scientific approach should blend eastern and western approaches. It is exciting that we are exploring psychedelics for mental health issues. However, in this podcast, you will get a flavor of western approaches to using these psychedelics that may not be ideal. Hopefully the entrepreneurs and investors in this area are listening to his podcasts too. The Revolution Will Not Be Psychologized.

Here is the general link to his podcast. 

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