Intubation and Ventilation/New Techniques for Patient Safety

by | Feb 25, 2018 | health and well being, High Impact Investing

Many years ago I spent four months in intensive care at Lenox Hill Hospital for a rare autoimmune condition called Dermatomyositis.  I was very fortunate to have wonderful physicians and a great support system.  I suppose you could say I have a very personal view when I do due diligence on a new medical technology or biotech drug from the patient’s perspective.  I have experienced everything from cytokine storm to many complications from medicines and medical procedures.  It was a life or death situation and I am lucky to be here to discuss this with you.  I was reading this article about an Israeli company called Art Medical that is combining sensor technology with intubation to give early warning signs to clinicians if there are serious infections or complications.  I can appreciate the need for these new tools and feel very grateful for the convergence of new technologies that make this sort of innovation possible.