Using Complex Adaptive System Methodologies in Crisis Management

by | May 1, 2020 | complex adaptive systems, Inclusive Innovation, Integrated Capital

There is little urgency for the various leaders in society to examine or question predominant belief systems and change behavior, even if that is what is required to prevent problems or make the world healthier, more resilient, and more sustainable. Most of the changes we make are evolutionary in nature. When you bring people together to solve complex problems there are disagreements and it is difficult to get the various parties to agree, especially if these changes cause short term pain to the economic system.

Covid 19 is turning out to be one of the greatest catalysts of all time to force behavior change and belief systems in a hurry. When people start to come together in interdisciplinary ways and begin to think about how they can change things for the better for all parties (especially for the most fragile and disadvantaged members of society), they are following complex adaptive system methodologies. Many people will try to cling onto old patterns and behaviors, especially people who have benefited the most from the old system. That is to be expected. That is based on fear. However, the people and groups to pay attention are the ones that are stepping up to the plate in aggressive, innovative and interdisciplinary ways and are taking a longer term and more holistic view of value creation. Pay attention, as these groups are not always waving a big sign and they may come in some unconventional flavors. These types of groups have the potential to create profound and lasting change and not just a short term fix to the Covid 19 crisis. Though not always obvious at first, these groups can start entirely new movements. Many other groups, inspired by these actions begin to create their own efforts for systemic change, following this early lead. We have the opportunity, due to this global crisis, to solve some of our most challenging and pressing global challenges in society in highly creative ways. If ever there were a time to be revolutionary and not evolutionary in terms of envisioning and making systematic change, now is the time. Though there will be inevitable chaos and volatility in the days to come as a result of these changes, the seeds that are planted today using this type of creative process will result in vital new ways of living that were not possible under today’s zero-sum game, winner take all belief systems.

Please see below the link of a group of people coming together in creative and interdisciplinary ways to examine disaster preparedness. You can see clearly the complex adaptive system approach they are taking. People do not always come out and announce they are using this approach, but it is clear and noticeable when you see it applied and used.