I am sharing an exciting article from an online science blog regarding the plant microbiome (all those cool viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms such as fungi that are part of all environmental ecosystems).  Many new scientific and technical tools such as genetic sequencing, artificial intelligence, and database technologies enable these new discoveries.  We are starting to slowly unpack the essential interrelationships among the microbiome, humans, plants, animals and the environment.  These are exciting times as we are no longer in the dark to better understand how to improve everything from more sustainable agriculture to better medicines for humans and animals.   Systems Biology is growing more exciting every day. There is growing awareness of the importance of taking a whole systems approach to studying and solving all complex problems.  Many new technologies and scientific tools are accelerating this approach of study across all areas.  You can not measure what you can not see or study.  What a coincidence that we also use a ecosystems-based design approach to create a more win/win investment model.