Audioblog 2: Permaculture Investing and Fringe Entrepreneurs

by | Jun 3, 2022 | complex adaptive systems, living systems investing, sustainable investing

The following is Lynn Marie DePippo’s second audioblog called “Investing at the Edge of Chaos.” She discusses how she discovered permaculture, a type of regenerative living system framework, and why it is so essential to empower and work more effectively with polymaths and fringe entrepreneurs that have the answers to the complex problems in society.

Hi, I am Lynn Marie, and this is a new way to communicate for me. I realize my voice is soft. I appreciate your patience as I get in the groove and find my voice. Also, these audioblogs are easier to understand if you also follow the written blogs as well. Each is its own fractal of the whole, but there are patterns that connect the audio and written blogs that become more clear as you integrate the information. Restructuring the investment model is an onerous task, but there is real beauty to following the natural intelligence and wisdom of nature. I have found the journey to be really amazing. There is so much more here than most people realize. The level of understanding is multi-dimensional in nature. Given the chaos in the world today, this wisdom is not only necessary but truly beautiful.