What We Believe – Ethical Business and Investment Principles

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Our Story

At the foundation and core of Pythia Capital, we have essential ethical business and investment principles.  Our principles speak to the interconnected nature of all people with each other and with the environment. We are interested in aligning and collaborating with people who resonate with our plans and with our values.

We believe in healthy people, humanely treated animals, and a living, healing environment.

We believe in businesses and investments that speak to the complexity and interconnected nature of our health, food, environmental, and economic problems.

We believe in an ecological, systems-based approach to creating and managing business and financial resources that is: efficient, higher yielding, sustainable, regenerative, integrated, connected, balanced, cooperative, collaborative, solutions-oriented, empowering, inspiring, adaptive and resilient.

We believe that companies, investors, customers, suppliers and strategic partners should build symbiotic relationships based on mutual respect, integrity, aligned financial incentives and shared business philosophies.

We believe that better companies result from proper teamwork and fair financial incentives

We believe in serving clients with the highest ethical values, and professional standards, such as honesty, transparency, accountability, aligned financial incentives and business goals.