Mission and Opportunity – Solving Big Problems

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Our Story

Solving big problems is our mission and our opportunity.

Though there are many challenges to overcome, it is a very exciting time to build new approaches for leveraging the dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial process to help solve big problems in society. It starts with strong intentions and purpose. Large advances in science and technology allow for inexpensive, creative, and stimulating ways to bring a wide variety of inter-disciplinary people and teams together from around the world to help understand the problems better and come up with unique solutions.


  • As people are more stressed and disillusioned, people are naturally drawn to people, products, and services that really matter to them and to the world.
  • People are beginning to realize that true prosperity in society requires a commitment to both human and social capital.
  • Building businesses that have strong purpose are solutions-oriented and align interests with all the major stakeholders, building wealth in a way that is more fair and sustainable for everyone.
  • More and more, investors of all types are demanding that their investments be more aligned with their values, but still require reasonable, long-term returns and more importantly, they need these returns to be more reliable and sustainable (less boom and bust cycles to worry about).
  • Significant global advances in technology allow for unprecedented opportunities to develop innovative products and services that create wealth while improving health and well-being.
  • In order to take advantage of these opportunities, investment managers need to: rebuild trust and get back to basics; align financial incentives; focus on companies and products that matter; supply capital and other resources as needed.