Global Direct Deal Investments

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Services

We invest in global, direct private companies and select blockchain companies. Please click here to see our current service offering details.

Global, Direct Private Companies and Select Blockchain/Crypto Projects: a mixture of 1) companies expected to come public soon 2) growth equity investments for companies that need expansion capital 3) fringe science and technology with high potential for disruption 4) direct buy-out of pieces of larger companies or buy out of previous investors and 5) businesses or projects using lean business/investment principles and more flexible financial structures to invest in a broader range of high impact products or services with exciting science or technology 6) select blockchain and crypto projects that closely align with our complex living systems framework.

We select companies and projects for investment and post more details on these projects or company deals to the online, multi-media data room for investor clients.  We offer transparency on our research process and include that information in our multi-media, online research portal. We also offer virtual conferences and expert webinars to help the investors feel comfortable with our analysis and process. We provide an unprecedented level of transparency to our investors, so we make sure investors have high integrity and are aligned with our business and financial goals.  Our goals are to have sufficient capital resources to invest early and throughout the life cycle of the companies. This is especially important as we are working on new models for system-based investing that are more win/win, so we need to rethink the typical investment syndicates for private deals to offer entrepreneurs aligned with our philosophies an alternative for their mission critical products and services.

We are developing multi-media, online educational tools to teach investors how to use and apply our revolutionary investment process using actual direct deal examples.  We also provide research and education on using our complex adaptive system research process to identify breakthrough scientific and technical trends as well as to find outside the box thinkers and visionaries.  We believe that this approach helps to identify the most likely winners in many new emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, regenerative agriculture, environmental health, cellular regeneration, new energy technologies, and quantum science.  These particular multi-media data services will only be open to accredited investors and enlightened institutions that align with our philosophies and do direct investing outside of formal fund structures.

We expect to use a variety of novel financial and business strategies that are not always possible in the typical venture capital syndicate model to better enable our solutions-based model to succeed more effectively. Our expert network is on-demand so we continue to look for valuable partners. We feel that such an efficient and flexible model should not only solve important problems more effectively but should allow for long term returns that are more resilient and less prone to booms and busts. We follow lean/efficient investment principles that help to better manage business and investment risks.  Fortunately this investment process leverages the detailed study of nonlinear, complex adaptive systems and this process is more likely than current investment processes to identify important breakthrough innovations.  The study of nonlinear, complex adaptive systems is only possible now due to new scientific and technical tools, as well as more frequent interdisciplinary collaborations of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and data scientists (even joining these groups these days are naturalists, philosophers, artists, musicians, economists, spiritual leaders, writers….).  A more flexible financial process is necessary to develop businesses using this methodology.  This process focuses on integrated solutions that are not possible using the dominant, fixed investment structures and approaches that incentive monopolistic and predatory business formation.  This business development and investment process is an iterative, slower business and investment process that is much more efficient, effective, creative,  and resilient to change. The reason this ecosystem-based investment/business approach works so well is it mimics the dynamics of a system that is in a more sustainable and balanced state and uses that to determine how to select entrepreneurs that innovate in ways that are more optimal and win-win.  Compared to this approach, it is much very transparent how dysfunctional and unbalanced the existing “winner take all” financial/business systems really are.

We commit to alignment of business and financial interests with our important stakeholders.  We require investors to align with our corporate values and principles.  We expect strong long term returns with more favorable risk profiles (This information is not for marketing purposes and could change).

We expect the general characteristics of our private investments to be as follows:  1) companies where we feel we can get an exit within 24 to 36 weeks, 2) companies that do not fit the existing venture capital model (we use lean business practices and creative financial terms to pursue creative and innovative opportunities that are largely ignored today),  3) where we feel we have an analytical edge in fringe science or technology with breakthrough potential , 4) buy-out of troubled pieces of larger companies or buy out of previous investors that meet our screens and 4) growth equity for businesses that need expansion capital. We are flexible with financial terms and follow lean investment principles that enable more creative problem solving, better risk management and also strong returns for investors.

Please click here to see our current service offering details.

  • We apply science and technology to solve large social, health or environmental problems, using a flexible and highly coordinated, systems-based investment, business and scientific/technical approach.
  • Pythia Cap leads all due diligence with the help of its expert network and other consultants and selects the companies for investment in client accounts.
  • Our network of expert advisors contains individuals with varied and essential industry and technical expertise to assist with due diligence and also to provide necessary professional services directly to the companies.
  • Before investing, we expect to have a clear strategy on how to add value and what resources will be required over time help these important entrepreneurs make their vision a reality.
  • Each investor has access to our web-based, multi-media research portal with a variety of resources for our investors.
  • This is a confidential service so investors will not be able to share information from this data room with outside people.
  • Transparency of our research process and data are available on each private investment and is available to all investors in the web portal, including expert webinars/virtual conferences, online Q&A with company management teams, our own investment reports (availability of some detail may require NDAs).
  • Companies may also share other necessary investment information in the research portal.
  • We expect to be as flexible depending on the needs of the company/project and the entrepreneurs, including choosing the correct financial structure and other technical and executive resources that best suit each particular investment.
  • We feel strongly “what” we are investing in is only part of the answer for solving important problems and the process of “how” we invest and collaborate to solve the problems will result in more effective, efficient solutions and more reliable returns for investors.
  • Investors can expect unique deal flow, early through late stage opportunities and buy-outs, flexible deal terms, and alignment of business and financial interests.
  • We look globally for opportunities where we find exciting investments that are more fringe and breakthrough ideas, less competitive and better economic values.
  • We often find new ways to focus on important businesses such as medical devices or diagnostics that many other venture funds ignore as there is a perception they are smaller markets with too much regulation.  We use our expert network and relationships to not only find the companies, but also to do the due diligence and help to select highly experienced advisors and board members to add value to the businesses.  We use lean investment principles and also unique deal structures to target stronger returns in these important businesses than are generally possible in the large venture capital funds that have less flexible financial terms and are mostly looking for world dominating businesses.
  • We use our experienced team and unique investment screening process to look for new science and technology across industry silos that can be applied in unique ways to solve important problems.  We then use our highly coordinated and collaborative process to add value to the businesses and to target a more flexible and customized financial structure most appropriate for each investment. We arrange our deals in the deal room by themes for creative problem solving and follow a hub spoke business model mimicking natural design principles (see photo above).
  • We use highly creative industry, scientific, non profit, governmental, and investor interdisciplinary collaborations around the world to unmask value and reduce risk in our company investments.
  • We are currently working on software tools and algorithms to make our business development and investment process more efficient and better track ongoing data.