Company Name Change

by | Jul 24, 2018 | News and Events, Uncategorized

I made the decision recently to change the name of the business to Pythia Capital.

Who was Pythia?

Pythia was from ancient Greece and was a high priestess and oracle (also known as the Oracle of Delphi).  According to Wikipedia, “The Pythia was established at the latest in the 8th century BC,[3] and was widely credited for her prophecies inspired by being filled by the spirit of the god (or enthusiasmos), in this case Apollo. The Pythian priestess emerged pre-eminent by the end of 7th century BC and would continue to be consulted until the 4th century AD.[4] During this period the Delphic Oracle was the most prestigious and authoritative oracle among the Greeks, and she was without doubt the most powerful woman of the classical world. The oracle is one of the best-documented religious institutions of the classical Greeks. Authors who mention the oracle include AeschylusAristotleClement of AlexandriaDiodorusDiogenesEuripidesHerodotusJulianJustinLivyLucanNeposOvidPausaniasPindarPlato,  PlutarchSophoclesStraboThucydides and Xenophon.”

Why did I change the name the company to Pythia Capital? 

When reading about Pythia recently, I felt strong, powerful, confident, wise and more grounded.  My cheeks felt warm and pink.  I felt more energetic and joyful.  “I am Pythia” I repeated to myself.  As a woman in finance for many years, I can honestly say it took me a long time to get here personally and professionally.  I am grateful to you Dear Pythia for the assistance and the reminder.