MIT and Open Source Sequencing Data on Coronavirus

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

The rapid spread of coronavirus globally is very troubling on many levels. However, we have technology available today we have not had in previous outbreaks such as this. One of the more interesting and useful is the rapid genetic sequencing of the mutations of this virus. Making this data available open source is already helping different groups around the world manage the outbreaks. Hopefully, this will help to lesson some of the panic and fear, as the more data you have to understand what is actually happening on the ground, the better local communities can prepare. Viruses like this mutate very rapidly and we need a way to track this information and doing it so quickly and in this open source way is unprecedented. With all the division in the world today, it is very uplifting to read about these global efforts to coordinate and use these advanced technologies for the well being of all.